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Modified last: Feb 12,2000

    • Free-PC
      Weekly horoscope, relationships, spiritual, physical, and lovers.
    • Beverly Hills Love Guru
      Astrology, personal readings, tarot and advice column.
    • Buddhist Horoscope
      Monthly horoscope and auspicious dates.
    • EasyScopes
      Find your sign and access a page of reviewed links to horoscope sites all over the Web.
    • Horoscope Zone
      Daily horoscope.
    • Chinese Horoscope
      12 signs of chinese horoscope.
    • Aprodette Com
      Aprodette's Inner Mystery,Astorlogy and Tarot.
    • Mysty's Dream Kingdom
      占い、潜在意識の活用法、おまじない、チャット等。(Japanese page)
    • White Serenade
      占い師「レヴィ」による無料タロット占いと情報 (Japanese only)
    • Fortune
      おみくじと7種類のタロット占い。今月の占い、相性占いも。(Japanese only)
    • Lyrical Cards

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